Website Design:

Today we are living in an era where most people rely on the internet when they are searching for products or services and things like the yellow pages have almost become extinct. Not only is A Website your businesses personal online hub but it is also a very powerful marketing and communication tool. It will help potential clients all over the globe, and more so in your area to find your business fast and it will empower you to communicate with your customers 24/7 at no cost.

Many ads you see will tell you that a website is very expensive to obtain and in many cases it is the truth. Then there is other costs involved like a yearly fee for a domain name (e.g mybusiness.co.za), and a monthly hosting fee for your website. However the thing that most business owners fear the most is the once off cost of the website itself and also the thought that every time that they would want to change something on their website, like adding or removing a product or service, they will need to pay a skilled web developer to do that for them which in the end can become a very costly endeavor as well as time consuming.

Fear no more! I have a very professional and very affordable option. My web design product is a system much like word press in some ways, where you as the owner can design your website yourself without having any experience at all and make all changes you desire on your website easily and cost free and all on your own. This is a template based web design system and is much more user friendly than word press and it has a lot more functionality. It also offers a free bulk email system you may use to communicate with your clients at no cost and a bulk sms system charging 25c per sms.

The normal price of our websites is an upfront R2500, not including domain name registration or domain name transfer. For the R2500 you receive a visually appealing, mobile friendly responsive website with unlimited pages, e-commerce enabled site and many industry aimed modules to choose from, unlimited personalized email addresses and many more!

If you look at what you spend every month on advertising your products and services, obtaining a website will be cost effective and affordable. Let the internet help your business to grow.


How it works:

When you contact me, I will make an appointment to come and see you personally at your office or home to explain in more detail and show you an example. I then design the site for you according to your desire, and give you the training to enable you to manage your website on your own. I will also show you the formidable support structure you will receive from kwikwap and then we will sign a SLA agreement.

What are the other costs involved:

  1. There is a once off R200 for your domain name (e.g yourbusinessname.co.za). This is a once off deduction once every year after that at R165 per year.
  2. New domain names are R200 for “co.za” and R300 for “.com”
  3. We can also transfer an existing domain name.
  4. To host your website on a World Wide Web server (hosting) the cost is R165 per month. This includes unlimited personalized email addresses, sms short code and an online shop.




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